Western Cape Champs

Our level 4 to 7 WAG gymnasts have done exceptionally well at the Western Cape Gymnastics Trials which took place at Saldanha on 26 and 27 August 2022.

This group of 7 gymnasts won 2 All Around places and brought back home 9 apparatus medals.

Fila Lategan is the Western Cape champion for level 4 (10 years). She also came first on bar and second on vault. Ingrid Fourie came second for bar (also for level 4 (10 years)). While Cadence Joos took first place on floor and second on vault level 4 (14 years and older).

For level 5 (13 years) Dané Kietzmann walked away with a third place on both vault and floor. Salomie Rademeyer came third overall for level 6 (13 years) and came second on floor and bar.

Six of these gymansts; Fila Lategan, Ingrid Fourie, Cadence Joos, Dané Kietzmann, Salomie Rademeyer and Nina Joos was also chosen to represent the Western Cape at the SA GymGames (the national championships) which will take place from 2 to 7 October in Gauteng.

We would like to wish these gymnasts all the best for the GymGames and the final weeks of training.

Cadence Joos (level 4), Dané Kietzmann (level 5), Julie Meiring (level 4), Salomie Rademeyer (level 6), Fila Lategan (level 4), Nina Joos (level 7) and Ingrid Fourie (level 4),

Complete results can be downloaded below.

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Level 1 to 3 Western Cape results

Well done to all our level 1 to 3 gymnasts that competed in the Western Cape Championships for WAG and tumbling. We are super proud of each and everyone of you. This marked the end of the competition season for our level 1 to 3’s.

Congratulations to the following gymnasts for exceptional results:
Analo Jack – Third and gold grading for tumbling level 1, 10-12 years
Ingrid Fourie – First and gold grading for tumbling level 3, 10-12 years
Alcka Samuels – Fifth and gold grading for WAG level 3, 6-8 years
Linamandla Dwala – First and silver grading for WAG Schools level 1

Complete results are available for download below:

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WAG Level 4+ District Trial Results

Well done to our level 4 and up WAG gymnasts that competed in the Cape Winelands District Trials on 23 July.

Results are available at:

Best of luck to these gymnasts for the Western Cape Championships next weekend.

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Jelly Bean Fundraiser

We would like to raise some funds to replace the covers on 3 of our beams. The estimated cost for this is R6000.

To help raise this amount we are doing “Die Boontjie Raai / The Bean Estimate”.

Guess how many beans are in the jar. R5 per guess. Nearest guess will walk away with the jar of jelly beans. Gymnasts must please return their forms no later than Monday, 29 August 2022. The winner will be announced on 31 August 2022.

We would really appreciate it if each gymnast can at least sell 10 “guesses”. The gymnast selling the most “guesses” will walk away with a small jar of jelly beans.

Any donations towards the beam covers will also be greatly appreciated. Please use our Van Der Stel Savings account if you would like to help. Capitec Account no. 1356345725. Reference: Beam Covers. 

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WAG level 1 -3 district trial results

Our level 1-3 WAG gymnasts took part in the Winelands District Trials on 28 May. The entire group qualified for the Winelands District team which will be competing at the Western Cape Championships in August. Well done gymnasts!

Almost all the gymnasts improved their scores from Medal Mania. Keep up the good work! We are very proud of each and everyone of you.

Results can be downloaded at

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7 Gymnasts 7 Gold Medals

Seven of our gymnasts took part in the Cape Wineland District Trials for tumbling on the 13th of May 2022, which took place in De Doorns. All 7 gymnasts brought back gold medals. Well done gymnasts!

Level 1: Analo Jack, Linamandla Dwala, Nkuntlweng Sella and Akhanya Baleni
Level 3: Ingrid Fourie and Anina Rademeyer
Level 5: Salomie Rademeyer

The complete results are available here:

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Getting ready

Our WAG gymnasts have had two Ready or Not competitions and the Medal Mania competition to help prepare them for the official competition season that kicks off this month. Well done girls. It’s great to see you improve every time that you are on the floor.

The Medal Mania results can be downloaded below:

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Competition Calendar level 1 to 3

The competition season for our level 1 to 3 gymnasts (for our artistic gymnasts this means training from 15:00 to 17:00) will be kicking off after the holiday. Competitions are optional and do not influence a gymnasts progression through the levels. 

Gymnasts that want to compete in the district trials and Western Cape Championships need to be registered as Competitive at GSA. If they are only registered as non-competitive or for club competitions they will need to pay an upgrade fee to be able to enter for these competitions.

The competition calendar is as follows (please note dates may change): NB if the monies are not received by the due date the gymnast cannot be entered, all gymnastic competitions are like this.

These dates are for all level 1 – 3 gymnasts of all sections

Please note the District and WCC all have an official fee included

Rhythmic – ready or not  (Boston) 09 April R 200

Rhythmic -Ready or Not ( HHH, Strand) 22/23 April R200

Rhythmic – invitational ( la Rochelle, Paarl) 30 April R180 payable 31 March

Artistic –  Medal Mania (Wynland gymnastics club, Paarl) – 6-7 May. Entry fee is R150 and needs to be paid no later than 10 April

District Tumbling (de Doorns) 13 May cost TBC but prepare for R300 payable 25 April

Artistic –   Ready or Not (Van Der Stel) – 14 May. Entry  R100  payable by 01 May

Rhythmic – Winelands District Trials – 20-21 May  (La Rochelle – Paarl)  cost TBC but prepare for R450

Artistic  – Winelands District Trials (Stellenbosch Gymnastics, The Shed) –  27-28 May cost TBC, but prepare for R300 – R400 payable by 01 May

Rhythmic – ready or not ( Van der Stel) 28 May R100

Artistic –  Western Cape Championships (Saldanha) – 5-7 August.   Cost TBC

Tumbling  – Western Cape Championships (Eversdal) 16 – 19 June cost R350 – R450

Rhythmic –  Western Cape Championships ( TBC) 10 – 12 June  cost R400 – R500 payable by 25 May

Gymnasts that want to enter the District Trials and Western Cape Championships will need a club leotard and club hoodie.

Any of our gymnasts are welcome to order any of the below mentioned club gear, but our competition gymnasts that are training from 15:00 to 17:00 will need a club leotard and club hoodie for the district trails and Western Cape Championships if they choose to compete. Competitions are optional.

Club shirts

Club shirts can be ordered for R335 (Adult cut R395, moms are welcome to order these for themselves). Gymnasts that want to buy the club shirt should please ask to be fitted. Please contact us at vdsgymnastics@gmail.com to confirm that you would like to order a shirt no later than 30 March. Invoices will be sent out for payment at the end of March. 

Club hoodie

We will be taking hoodie orders after the school holiday.

Club leotard

Club leotard costs R490. To order a non-refundable deposit of R150 is needed and balance paid on collection. Leotards can be ordered from http://www.topsy-turvy.co.za/ or e-mail topsy.turvy.stellenbosch@gmail.com – ask for the Artistic leotard. Please note that leotards need to be ordered well in advance, since they are custom made. If there is enough interest Mathilda is willing to come to Van Der Stel for a fitting session early in April.

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Gymnaestrada 2023

Hallo all

I am thinking very strongly about taking a group to the Gymnaestrada in Amsterdam next year 30 July to 5 Augustus 2023( outside school holidays) this is a 4 yearly event and about 25,000 participants from about 60 countries, it is non-competitive and group items.  I have personally participated in 2 and it is a wonderful opportunity. I am going to apply to DCAS to see if we can get some funds to help, but we cannot bargain on this.

Our gymnasts will once again have an opportunity to attend this incredible event. Our gymnasts join their provincial group (smaller provincial groups join together to create a display item), and these Provincial teams will perform three times over a five-day period. These routines are ten minute long. Teams can use traditional gymnastics apparatus, hand apparatus, non- traditional apparatus or can create more of a dance-based routine, or a combination of any of these.

In addition to being part of this amazing festival of gymnastics, participants can attend workshops, get to see the city of Amsterdam (free or discounted prices for most activities), get to watch National Evening Performances from different countries (8 shows to choose from) AND to watch the FIG Gala – this is a 90-minute spectacular – featuring top performers from 14 different countries, and is the highlight of the Gymnaestrada! The National Evening and FIG Gala are ticketed events. All other shows and activities in the week are free.

Other important information

1. The World Gymnaestrada is a SELF FUNDED international event. The cost for the event will be in the region of R 36 000 to R 40 000 per participant. The exchange rate and flight costs (which we can only confirm twelve months ahead of departure) affect the final cost. The timeline for confirmation and payments is listed later in this document.

2. Participants represent their National Federation – so Gymnastics SA – at the WGNS and are not eligible for National representative colours.

3. Participants are accommodated in schools – all SA participants are housed together in one school. Or two schools if we have a big team.

4. All participants and officials will more than likely be required to be vaccinated (COVID-19) – as this is a requirement for entry into many countries currently.

5. Withdrawals: It is not possible to get a refund after 15 January 2023. Gymnastics SA will refund any monies paid, less R 1000 admin fee, in the event of a withdrawal. Any withdrawals thereafter will forfeit money already paid.

Timelines (these dates indicate the FINAL date) DatesItemAmount due
30 Jan 2022Expression of interest reply
Jan 2022Apply for Unabridged Birth Certificate (u18s) or ID document 018s) if you don’t have oneDept of Home Affairs
Jun – SeptProvincial event
7 Sept 2022Closing date for National Virtual Gymnaestrada entriesEntry fee TBC
Sept 2022Virtual Gymnaestrada
1 Oct 2022Valid passport required
1-10 Oct 2022Gym for Life Challenge – Gym Games (Date TBC)Entry fee TBC
1 Oct – 30 Nov 2022Management system entries open for 1st payment
30 Nov 2022First payment (to GSA on behalf of FIG)R 8 000
1 Feb-30 Mar 2023Management system entries open for 2nd payment
30 Mar 2023Balance of payment (to GSA on behalf of FIG)Approx. R 7 500
30 Mar 2023Team clothing payment (service provider)Approx. R 2 300
30 Mar 2023Flight payment (service provider)R 12 000-R 15 000
15 May 2023Visa application and payment (Embassy)Approx. R 1 500
15 June 2023Performance clothing payment (service provider)R 600 – R 1 000
July 2023Departure

If any one is interested please contact me via email <davidn1@telkomsa.net> so I can start getting our team together. I am not sure about the vaccination for the under 16years, I will confirm (I think after the presidents talk on the 14th April).

Kind regards


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Newsletter 2

Our fee structure for 2022 is available at Registration and Fees and training times at Training times. Effectively a term is 8/9 weeks and if longer we use it for lost exercise time.

Please complete the online registration at https://forms.gle/NMkzQ2fimaWPgQ6G9. This will keep you up to date with all information, and an account will be generated for you by the end of the month, on receipt please make prompt payment.



Coach Bernice is prepared to teach adults wanting to learn the skills of gymnastics and get a little fitter, more flexible and stronger in the process. The classes will be on a Saturday morning from 9 to 10:30 to start off with. At the moment this is only for ladies

The Cost for the Adults: R480 per month (This includes the Van Der Stel Facility Fee) for a 1hr and 30min session.


Then we have a new section, it is for Teens wanting to continue or start gymnastics, but without the stress of competitions. These classes will also be on a Saturday morning. Depending on the numbers a second class could be added if there is enough interest.

The Cost for the Teens will be as the price list below for 2 hours a week (R1400 per term). As they will be taught skills according to their ability. Then they will register as non- competitive R150 per year and also, the Van Der Stel registration of R170 per term. Those interested need to do the online registration and indemnity form, and you will receive an account to then pay.


For the parents waiting for the gymnasts and have a need for a nice cup of coffee we have a snoepie with tea, coffee, water, hot chocolate (in winter), some fruit juices and a few snacks. Everything to drink is R10.00. The rest have prices on them and it is a honesty bar. There are tables and chairs and toys and books for children. We also have leotards for Rhythmic and a few others. Prices on the clothing.


Depending on the availability of the main hall we would like to present contemporary dance classes for all interested, young and old. This is a manner to let go of frustrations and stress. These classes will be paid on the day to the instructor.

Saturdays 09.00 – 13.00:

Competition gymnasts: extra class R40 different coaches

Strength Training Saturdays: Watch the whatsapp group for coach availability R40 per class Coach Georgia

Contemporary: watch the whatsapp group for hall availability, R40. Different coaches

Teens: fees as per fee schedule R1400 for 2 hour sessions per term with added registration. Different coaches

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