Close of term

Just a reminder that this week is the last week of training for this term. Our gymnastics term ends on 1 April for a well deserved short break for our coaches and gymnasts. Training will resume again on Monday, 12 April.

Well done to all our level 1 to 3 gymnasts that competed in the first half of the Ready or Not competition this weekend. We are super proud of all of you!

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Club Gear

A club leotard will NOT be compulsory for competitions for level 1-3 this year. Gymnasts will also be able to compete in black.

Those that do however want to still order a club leotard can contact Mathilda Taylor on 082 378 1843 or The cost is R480 and R100 deposit needs to be paid when ordering and the balance on receiving the leotard.

If you would like to order a club shirt (for training and general wear) @R290 please have one fitted by 4 March. If you would like to order a shirt please forward your child’s details to and which times and days they train and Lizelle will arrange a fitting during/after training for them.

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Newsletter 3 2021

Dear parents,
The education department has really put us all out on a limb. Hopefully we do not get a 3rd wave and all changes again. I can just think how frustrated you as parents must be. But at least at the gymnastics there is more stability.

The school term has now changed from 15 February to 23 April. This is an additional 10 weeks after we have already been coaching for 4 weeks. As set out in the second newsletter the club runs on a 8 week term for your accounts. If it is 10 weeks then you have a bit of advantage, in case we cannot teach for some reason.

Just so that my coaches can have a bit of a break and we can try to work in the possible
competition dates, I have decided that the term will run as follows:

1st Term will run till 1 April (11 weeks total)
2nd term will start the 12th April till the 1st July ( 12 weeks)

Holiday program from 5 – 9 July

3rd term starts with schools the 26 July till 1 October ( 10 weeks)
4th Term 11 October till 2 December ( 8 weeks)

We will keep you posted for the competitions, if, when and where they will be held.
Gymnasts will compete in the level they were training last year.

Level 1 – 4 will be competing together. Their district trails must already be done by May as the Zone competitions are a month later.

Just to put your minds to rest your gymnasts does not HAVE to take part in the official
competitions. We will be having testing competitions per apparatus so they will progress in July to the next level.

Please note that to compete the gymnast must compete in the club leotard and must have paid the full registration of R600 per gymnast. The competition fee is around R300.

The leotards can be ordered from Mathilda Taylor <>, the cost is +/- R480 per leotard. We will try to arrange a fitting session during/after training.

As soon as I get information from the province I will let you have possible competition dates. As well as our preparation testings.

Lets hope for a better 2021 and no new Covid waves. Stay strong and healthy

Annette and the team

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GSA Virtual Competition Results

Gymnastics South Africa (GSA previously known as SAGF) ended 2020 with a Virtual National Competition themed “Rise above the challenge”. Our senior gymnasts and their coaches, Jodie Sedras and Bernice Pool, rose to this challenge, after months of virtual training at home and a short season back in the gymnastics hall.

Their hard work and dedication were rewarded with great results! We are very proud of all our gymnasts that took part. The level 4’s were Dane Kietzmann, Hannah Grace Albertyn and Zara Fourie; level 5’s Keesha Pool, Mika Du Plessis, Salomie Rademeyer and Sunelle De Bruyn and level 6’s Lise De Villiers, Nina Joos, Ayla Westdyk and Cadence Joos.

Top (left to right): Zara Fourie, Dane Kietzmann, Hannah Grace Albertyn and Keesha Pool.
Bottom (left to right): Sunelle de Bruyn, Salomie Rademeyer, Nina Joos and Cadence Joos.

These 11 girls reaped a total of 14 medals, which we were able to hand over to them, along with participation certificates, at a prize-giving during their training yesterday. Dane Kietzmann got silver for bar, Hannah Grace Albertyn bronze for floor, Keesha Pool bronze for beam, Mika Du Plessis bronze for vault, Salomie Rademeyer gold for vault and floor and silver for bar and beam, Lise De Villiers gold for bar, silver for beam, bronze for floor and Nina Joos gold for floor, silver for vault, bronze for beam.

Well done girls!

We are looking forward to another great year of gymnastics.

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Van Der Stel Sport facility fee

All gymnasts training at Van Der Stel Sports Club pay an annual fee to use the facilities. The fee for 2021 has not been set by the municipality yet. We do estimate that it will be around R600 for the year.

To help spread expenses for our parents, we will be invoicing you for the first quarter of the amount (R150) in February. Should the fee be less for the year, the balance for the remaining amount will be calculated accordingly. This will also help the Sports Club with their running costs during the first term.

Parents paying monthly will be invoiced on their February invoice. All new invoices will include this fee and parents already invoiced will receive a separate invoice for the fee.

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Telegram and Invoices

In the past we only had whatsapp groups for quick communication. These groups will remain, but to help parents that have moved over to Telegram we have also started to create Telegram groups.

We’ve created a Telegram channel where only club communication will be shared (this is for all gymnasts, regardless of the timeslot they train in). Members can not post on a channel. This will simply help us communicate start and end of term dates, if classes need to be cancelled due to covid and other urgent info.

To join the channel click on the invite link:

We have also created a Telegram group for the gymnasts training from 15:00 to 17:00. Here parents can directly post questions and comments. The invite link to this group is: The same information that is send out via the old whatsapp group will be shared here. You thus only need to belong to either the whatsapp or telegram group (no need to join both). To join the whatsapp group ask coach Annette (082 4990 860) to add you.

The website remains our primary means of communicating more detailed information. Please do subscribe in the right side bar. Remember to confirm your subscription on the e-mail that you will receive (please note that this email might be in your spam/junk folder).

Please remember to complete our online registration form for 2021 (if you have not done so already) at This form needs to be completed by every gymnasts every year.

Invoices have already been send out to those that have registered. Please let us know at if you did register and have not received an invoice yet.

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Van Der Stel Challenge

Be creative and create your own gymnastics move! Submit it by 14 February 2021 at .

Don’t forget to name your move!

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Covid protocols

Just a reminder that Covid Protocols are still in place for gymnasts returning to training. Please remember the following:

– Please keep your child at home if he/she or any family member living with them displays any cold or flu symptoms as a precautionary measure.

– Gymnasts need to wear a mask until their temperature has been taken.

– Gymnasts need to place their mask in their bag. Please ensure that masks are not lying around.

– Gymnasts need to sanitize their hands before entering the gymnastics hall.

– Gymnasts need to bring their own water bottle (or can buy water from the tuck shop). Please do not share water bottles.

– To reduce numbers in the training hall we ask that parents please wait outside during training sessions. There is space available just outside both the apparatus and big hall. As well as a coffee shop next to the big hall.

– Our coaches will wear masks when having to support gymnasts (the babes and 2pm class), but for the older gymnast this will be at the minimum as per instruction from the gymnastic federation. Gymnasts as far as possible must train with supervision not support. More difficult skills will thus be left for a later stage, preparation skills will be used to achieve our goals.

– We try to keeping social distancing between gymnasts as far a possible, but coaches will keep a 1.5 – 2m distance from the gymnasts.

– Apparatus is sanitized before the next group enters.

Apparatus is sanitized before the next group enters

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Brand new Springboard

A huge thank you to everybody that supported our tuck shop last year. And for the kind donation we received! Our brand new springboard has arrived!!! And will be a great asset for vault training. Our senior gymnasts have already put it to good use this week.

The remainder of the funds raised, together with funds raised this year, will be used to repair mats and upgrade equipment.

Please remember that we have a coffee shop area next to the big hall where parents that need to wait for gymnasts can relax or work and enjoy a cup of coffee, cold water or snacks.

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No gymnastics training for the remainder of the week

There will unfortunately be no gymnastics for the 13:15-14:00, 14:00-15:00 and 15:00-17:00 groups (little ones, beginners and level 1-3’s) for the remainder of the week.

Our level 4 and up gymnasts training from 16:00/17:00 will still continue training.

Coach Annette has an ill grandchild at home and as a precautionary measure has suspended training for the afternoon classes. We trust that training will be able to resume as normal next week.

Coach Jodie and Bernice will still be coaching the level 4 and up gymnasts in the meanwhile.

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