Registration and Fees


Membership fees 2017

Van der Stel registration  – School going

Payable with registration:  R464 per year (First member pay full, additional family members only pay 50% of the registration fee – R232)

Western Cape registration

R450.00  competition gymnasts

R100 for 4 to 7 yr olds that are not going to do any competitions (except club competitions)

It is important that the Western Cape registration (R450/R100) be paid before the end of February and the Van der Stel registration (R480), for juniors as set out above, with the registration form on the 12th of January 2017. These are yearly fees.

 Please complete the Registration 2017 form to register.

Coaching fees 2017

Rules for more than 1 child:DSCF7196

Oldest pays full

2nd child pays less 10%

3rd child pays less 20%

 * If you are paying per term and you pay within the first week then there is a 5% discount from the term fees not the monthly fees. 

*The monthly fees are seen as  10 down payments over the year. 

*The terms fees are x 4 and divided by 10 (eg. 500pt x 4 = R2000 ÷ 10= 200 per month from January to November. ( June-July count as one month) Rounded off

3/4 hour per week     R600 per term or R240 per month

1 hour per week         R700 per term or R280 per month

1.5 hours per week    R800 per term or R320 per month

2 hours per week       R980 per term or R400 per month

3 hours per week       R1100 per term or R440 per month

4 hours per week       R1400 per term or R560 per month

5 hours per week       R1800 per term or R720 per month

6 hours per week       R2200 per term or R880 per month

Junior Olympic           R2000 per month

Senior Olympic          R3000 per month

If you do not give a terms written notice you will be liable for the terms fees, if you give an oral resignation you will be liable for a month’s fees.

Banking details

E.A. Nel

ABSA Stellenbosch

Acc no: 01 00769 1021


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