Registration and Fees


Membership fees 2020

Van der Stel registration  – School going

Payable with registration:  R470 per year

Western Cape registration

R600.00  competition gymnasts

R150 for 4 to 7 yr olds that are not going to do any competitions (except club competitions)

Please complete the digital registration form to register.

Coaching fees 2020

Rules for more than 1 child:DSCF7196

Oldest pays full

2nd child pays less 10%

3rd child pays less 20%

 * If you are paying per term and you pay within the first week then there is a 5% discount from the term fees not the monthly fees. 

*The monthly fees are seen as  10 down payments over the year. 

*The terms fees are x 4 and divided by 10 (eg. 500pt x 4 = R2000 ÷ 10= 200 per month from January to November. ( June-July count as one month) Rounded off

3/4 hour per week     R800 per term or R320 per month

1 hour per week        R900 per term or R360 per month

1.5 hours per week    R1000 per term or R400 per month

2 hours per week       R1300 per term or R520 per month

3 hours per week       R1400 per term or R560 per month

4 hours per week       R1700 per term or R680 per month

5 hours per week       R2000 per term or R800 per month

6 hours per week       R2400 per term or R960 per month

8-10 hours per week  R3000 per term or R1200 per month

Junior Olympic           R2000 per month (14+ hours)


If you do not give a terms written notice you will be liable for the terms fees. If a monthly paying gymnast resigns the full term fee is still due.


Banking details

ABSA Stellenbosch

Acc no: 01 00769 1021

When paying monies into the Club’s Bank account please supply the necessary reference: e.g.


8 Responses to Registration and Fees

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  3. Theresa Davids says:

    Hi can you please send me a registration form for 2018


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  5. Jane Venter says:

    Hi Anette
    You mentioned I should register on the website… not sure where I should do it? I’m thinking you meant just to be aware of the website and keep note of the notices.


    • Manewales says:

      Hi Jane, on the website if you scroll pass the logo’s in the right-hand sidebar you will find: Follow us via Email.

      Enter your e-mail address. Click on follow. You will then receive an e-mail from wordpress to confirm your subscription to the website. Only once you’ve responded to the e-mail will you receive an e-mail every time new information is posted on the website.


      • Jane Venter says:

        Great thanks! Just wondering whether an invoice gets sent out or should I just pay? And if so, please could someone send me the banking details. Thanks.


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