South Zone mini-trampoline program

The long awaited Mini trampoline programme (we still do not have the Tumbling programme): SZ Trampoline Program Level 1 – 3.

Also see the updated Artistic programme with age groups: SZ UPDATED WAG PROGRAMME 2017

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South Zone Artistic program

The South Zone WAG program can be downloaded here: SZ UPDATED WAG PROGRAMME 2017

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Extra training before South Zone

Coach Leone is offering extra training sessions before South Zone. Contact her directly on 082 767 8538 for the level specific time slots and cost per session involved.

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Van Der Stel closed on 7 June

Due to the weather Van Der Stel Sports Club will be closed today, 7 June. There will thus be no sports coaching today including gymnastics.

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Piketberg Rhythmic Club Invitational

Program for Saturday, 3 June 2017, Piketberg Rhythmic Club Invitational

Please report 15 mins before your warm up time.

Level 2 (19 gymnasts)
Warm-up:         8:00-9:00
Competition:    9:00-10:00
Prize giving:    10:00-10:30

Level 3 (21 gymnasts)
Warm-up:         9:30-10:30
Competition:   10:30-11:35
Prize giving:    11:35-12:05

LUNCH               12:05-13:00

Pre-Level 1 & Level 1 (22 gymnasts)
Warm-up:         12:00-13:00
Competition:   13:00-14:05
Prize giving:    14:05-14:35

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New Artistic South Zone format

During the artistic level 1 to 3 district trials the new group format was followed. This system primarily is to have it be non-competitive for all athletes under 9 years old.

Therefore the competition format at the Artistic South Zone will look as follows:
Under 9 Age Groups
Regardless of level all under 9 age groups will compete in their clubs with their club coaches on the floor with them.
Awards will be handed out in no particular order (no acknowledgement of placings will be given – besides the gold, silver and bronze awards)

Age 9 and over Groups
All 9 and over groups will compete in their age group and as a District team with district coaches on the floor with them only
Awards will be handed out in order – bronze awards, then silver awards, then gold awards and 1st,
2nd and 3rd placed gymnasts will be acknowledged (no additional prizes necessarily).

The WCGA Letter re South Zone groupings  explains the new format.

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Western Cape Open Challenge

We have a opportunity for our Level 1 – 3 TRA & TU gymnasts to compete at the Open Challenge Event This will take place on 28 June 2017 at Western Cape Sport School.

This competition runs separate from the South Zone competition. This is an opportunity for gymnasts that did not qualify for South Zone to compete. This Event is open for anyone who is registered with SAGF and NO pre-qualification is required. Gymnasts registered as non-competitive (Category B) at SAGF can also compete.

Entries for the event close on 8 June. The entry fees are:

Trampoline 1 Event
Category A&B: R 180.00

Tumbling 1 Event
Category A&B: R 180.00

Our club will still decide if we will be entering gymnasts for this event.

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