Welcome at the van der Stel Gymnastics club.

Annette Nel started the van der Stel gymnastic club with Karien Verster in 1975 with no apparatus and 200 gymnasts. The club has over the years evolved and have produced many many South African winners like Mariette Carstens, Hester Fourie, Caroline Taylor, Nikola Muller, Lencka Bronn, Eloise van Niekerk, Elizabeth Stofberg, Nikki Piek – just too many to name. Many of those gymnasts are now professionals in Stellenbosch. Their children are now training at the club.

Coach Annette started the Tumbling in the Boland in 1987 and Rhythmic gymnastics for the Boland in 1988.

The aim of the club is to provide professional training for children from the age of 4, giving them the opportunity to develop their skills and a love for the sport. Also providing a platform where those that choose to make it their sport can develop and enjoy and compete in a friendly and disciplined context.

All gymnasts are registered with the SAGF and without obligation can compete in any competition organized through the SAGF from the age of 7

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