Artistic gymnasts at Van der Stel Gymnastics Club compete in Women’s Artistic Gymnastics (WAG), mini-trampoline and Tumbling.

WAG consists of 4 apparatus from Level 1-10: Floor, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam and Vault. From Level 4, girls will need grips for uneven bars.

Rhythmic gymnasts use different hand apparatus for all levels: rope, clubs, ribbon, ball and hoop.

Girls compete from Level 1 in both Artistic and Rhythmic gymnastics. They attend Inter-provincial Competitions (South Zone) from Level 1 – 3, and from Level 4 they compete at Nationals (SA Gym Games).


For Artistic and Rhythmic gymnastics the gymnast’s age on the 1st of January in the year of competition is taken.

For mini-trampoline and tumbling the gymnast’s age on the 31st of December in the year of competition is taken.

NB – According to SAGF rules a gymnast aged 5 years and younger cannot participate in any official event.


All gymnasts registered as Category A (Competitive) at SAGF will automagically be entered into the relevant competitions (Artistic, tumbling and mini-trampoline) for their level and the parents will be liable for entry fees. If a gymnasts, for whatever reason, wishes not to enter for a specific competition they need to inform coach Annette before the entry date deadline. Please check the Competition Calender for closing dates of entries.


The competition format at the Artistic district trials (level 1 to 3) and South Zone will look as follows primarily is to have it be non-competitive for all athletes under 9 years old :

Under 9 Age Groups

Regardless of level all under 9 age groups will compete in their clubs with their club coaches on the floor with them.
Awards will be handed out in no particular order (no acknowledgement of placings will be given – besides the gold, silver and bronze awards)

Age 9 and over Groups

All 9 and over groups will compete in their age group and as a District team with district coaches on the floor with them only.
Awards will be handed out in order – bronze awards, then silver awards, then gold awards and 1
st, 2nd and 3rd placed gymnasts will be acknowledged (no additional prizes necessarily).


Gymnasts can only compete (except Club competitions) in a club leotard and tracksuit. These need to be ordered in advance. Orders need to be place before 15 March for both club leotards and tracksuits and need to be paid when ordered. Ask for Artistic or Rhythmic leotard / tracksuit. Level 4 + (WAG) and level 8+ (Rhythmic) can compete in voluntary leotards.


Leotards can be ordered from Matilda, e-mail

Leotard care:

Leotards with metallic fabric, sequence and rhinestones are beautiful but fragile and should be taken care off.

How to care of your Leotard:
1. After practice turn leotard inside out to allow moisture to evaporate.
2. Do not put a damp leotard in a bag.

How to wash your leotard:

1. Turn the leotard inside out.

2. Hand wash it separately in cold water (never in a washing machine).

3. Use mild liquid detergent, never fabric softer.
4. Use enough water to cover the leotard, gently press soapy water through the leotard for a few minutes. Do not rub the fabric.
5. Rinse with cool, clean water and gently squeeze the cold water out.
6. To dry lay the leotard flat, never hang or place in the sun.

7. Never tumble-dry or use a hair-dyer to dry the leotard.


We need to place a bulk order of the club tracksuits by 15 March. Payment directly into Gail Brownings account with order:

Standard Bank Helderberg, G.H. Browning, Cheque Acc: 242 63 44 78,

Branch: 033012, Ref: VdS Gym + Name

Rhythmic apparatus

Apparatus can be ordered in Stellenbosch at,



All gymnasts, who will be representing their district, qualify for a District Badge. Badges need to be ordered through the club with entry into South Zone /Western Cape Championships. The district badge is sewn on the top left chest and the year badges to the top of the left hand sleeve of the club tracksuit.


Each gymnast must be informed about the CODE OF POINTS and act according to the rules as specified below.

– She must behave in a sportsmanlike, courteous manner.

– Underwear may not be visible above or below the lines of the leotard or through clear inserts.

– Gymnasts may not adjust their clothing / or personal equipment during their performance.

– She must wear a correct sportive leotard

– Gymnasts will be permitted to use facial and hair glitter provided that the use thereof is not excessive, and does not detract from aesthetic sportive values.

– Nail polish of any colour may be worn

– No jewellery (bracelets or necklaces) may be worn.

– Only small stud type pierced earrings are allowed.

– Hip or other padding is not allowed. Bandages are permitted; they are to be securely fastened. Joint braces are permitted, but are required to be of flesh / black / neutral colouring.

– Permission must be attained to use braces / supports which might not comply with the colour requirement. (Director of Judging). Bandages must be beige coloured.

– Handgrips are permitted at the uneven bars.

– The wearing of gymnastic slippers and socks is optional.

* Any breech of the dress requirements will result in a penalty for “incorrect attire”.*


This applies to ALL sport codes including gymnastics.
Withdrawal due to illness or injury resulting in not competing – the rules below will apply.

Level 1-3

At regional/district level you qualify to represent the Winelands District team. No colours are awarded at this level.

Until such time that you compete in the next competition (South Zone), you have not represente
d Western Cape or the Winelands District and therefore do not get the clothing that goes hand in hand with such representation. You cannot advise your school that you represented as part of the Winelands team until you have competed at South Zone. If you do not compete at South Zone, you may only claim that you qualified to be part of the Winelands team and did not compete as part of the team.

Level 4 and up

At Winelands District trials you qualify for District colours. Please note that these colours are not provincial colours only regional.

If you do not take part in the next competition – Western Cape Championships, you have not represented Winelands District and therefore are not awarded the colours or the clothing that go hand in hand with such representation. You cannot advise your school that you received Winelands District colours until you have competed at Western Cape Championships. If you do not compete at Western Cape Championships, you may only claim that you qualified to get Winelands District colours, as you did not compete, the awarding of colours falls away.

At Western Cape Championships you qualify for the Western Cape Team. Provincial colours are only awarded for level 8 and up (and no longer for level 1 – 7).

If you do not take part in the next competition – Nationals (SA Gym Games), you have not represented Western Cape and therefore have not represented the team. You cannot advise your school that you represented the WC team until you have competed at Nationals. If you do not compete at Nationals, you may only claim that you qualified to compete.

At Nationals – if you come first in your section, you are the SA champion for that section for that year.

You DO NOT receive SA colours and are not in the SA gymnastics Team.

This can only happen after you have completed Olympic Level or are chosen by SAGF to represent South Africa internationally. There are 3 SA Teams you can be chosen for:

– Protea Colours

– Federation Colours

– Zone 5 Colours