Hi girls and parents, the time is getting closer that we can return to training, but as with everything a lot of water still has to run into the river. But we are cautiously optimistic. Even if gymnastics gets the go ahead we still have to prepare the hall for training, and the Municipality has to give the go ahead to open up.

We had to set up a whole manual for Risk Assessment. We had to nominate officials who will be our safety officials. This is Lizelle Rademeyer and Inanda le Roux. Both Gerhard and I will also do the training required as well as all the coaches for the Risk Assessment.

It is not just going back into the hall so much has to be in place for the safety of the officials and the gymnasts and the parents, but we are positive. I have bought a foot operated sanitizer, which will be mounted, not quite sure where yet. The apparatus will be sanitized after each session and the gymnasts must please have their own sanitizer with them which they take along to the apparatus so they sanitize their hand before going onto an apparatus. Gymnasts must come to class with their mask on, in the class they will remove it and place it in a plastic bag in their sport bag. The sport bag will be placed in the racks where the parents always sit. There will be NO parents allowed in the hall you may sit in the foyer if you can distance yourself, I would say there is place for 4 persons.

When the coaches arrive their temperature will be taken and noted. They have to keep either their masks or vizors on for the whole training, spotting (helping the gymnasts will be the absolute minimum (gymnast with the help of additional equipment will facilitate the difficult movements). We have been advised that no new and difficult moves must be taught, rather go back to basics. If a coach has to touch a gymnast then it will be with gloves and these gloves will only be used for the one gymnast. As the gymnasts come to class their temperature will be taken and noted (but please keep in mind if someone is a carrier they do not show a temperature) NO gymnast will be allowed into the hall if she has a sniff or light cough, runny nose, even hay fever, as she might be a carrier. Please help us and keep the gymnast at home.

We will not have the powder buckets for the gymnasts to use. Each gymnast must to the first class bring a tupper or plastic holder with a lid so we can give them their own chalk. There will be no lending allowed, if you forget….well then your hands will be sore. The gymnasts must come dressed for gym we will not allow gymnast to change in the bathrooms.

In the gymnastic bag of the gymnast she must please have the following in a toiletry bag:

  1. Plastic bag to put the mask in
  2. Own water bottle full with water, marked with their name, it has to stay in their bag they will drink from it and place it back into their bag. The taps will not be available to use, or she can buy R10 a bottle
  3. Own chalk in a holder
  4. Own medical kit of mecurochrome, cottonwool, plasters for small injury and strapping plaster for the hands for the bar
  5. If they are prone to headaches, please, send whatever you give them for the pain.
  6. Wet wipes marked with their name
  7. Sanitizer for when moving to the next apparatus marked with their name

The gymnast will not be near each other, 1 on a apparatus as we will no have more than 5 girls in the class and 5 boys 2 girls on beams, 1 on bar, 1 on vault and 1 on floor work. When going to the bathroom they will not wash their hands but come back to class and use a wet wipe then sanitize before going to their apparatus. The ideal would be that the gymnasts go to their toilet before they come to gym.

Sadly no hugs and high 5’s gymnasts will not be allowed to socialize, it is into gym, train, masks on, sanitize and out and parents will have to be on time, also not socializing in front of the gym doors!! Outside in the parking lot, you are welcome. I do realize traffic can come into play, I will see what arrangement I can make that the gymnasts then wait in the main foyer, but sadly no more playing as they are used to doing while they are waiting, my only worry is that I would need a supervisor, as children won’t stay in the designated areas without someone watching over them

I’m so sorry that this sound as only restrictions, but I would want each parent to feel safe sending their gymnasts back, that we have their health as priority and we will do our best.

Kind regards

Annette and Team

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