Family core training

Dear parents as we still do not know what the president has in store for us, we must carry on being strong and fit and healthy. Nothing in this year and maybe next year will be normal again for a long time so we have to think of ways and means to stay bodily and mentally sound. I know you may be undulated with information from school, videos and Zoom and Facebook, but in the process see the positive. It is forcing us to think of alternative ways to keep our body, which was given to us, healthy and fit. I understand we are all missing the social contact, but you have, I am sure, found ways to overcome that. At least I see you may go for a walk soon, and jog, so get into a routine of enjoying the outside air, keeping your distance so don’t go in a group (all from the house) but intersperse your leaving from home.

The family core training is a new set of exercises for the whole family to participate in and enjoy while you become fitter, always start with the easier then progress to the more difficult I will be putting a video on later today or tomorrow latest which will go to Facebook for you to follow with the exercises, so now just look and see if my “artwork” is clear for you

Stay safe, Healthy and blessed
Annette and team

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