News flash

Morning all
I hope this email finds you all safe and in good health

I have a little food for thought message for you all in these trying times tribute to  Michelangelo

“the greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is to high and we miss it,  but that it is to low and we reach it”

So even in the adversity of now lets keep our spirits high and keep trying.

For the scholars and gymnasts it is even more difficult as they miss the interaction of the friends at school, sport or at visits and play dates, the parents miss the interactions with the peers etc……. so for the mothers it is trying to juggle their own office away from office work a dad doing the same then school has to be done on line, all of a sudden we do not have enough computers to accommodate all the activities.  But it all get down to the thought of the day “aim high”   so that is going to be each households creativity how they are going to manage the issues  I could give you some ideas, but then I am taking your creativity away

I know we are all trying with Zoom, Google classroom, cell phone , youtube  working on ideas to keep a manner of normality and not “overuse”.    Each platform has a problem somewhere along the line, phones are to small for Zoom etc.  but my request is to drink your vitamins, lemon juice water, eat healthily adhere to the lockdown rules and STAY IN FAITH and all will fall into place.

Looking forward to seeing you all
Annette and team

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