Holiday training and Medal Mania

Dear parents,

Our first competition of the season is the Medal mania at the Wynland club in the Paarl on the 6th April.  We can almost see this as a wakeup call.  Those that competed last year will know it is a fun competition. So below you will see the names of the gymnasts we think are ready for the competition scene, but it is still your choice. If I do not receive your money then I will accept that you are not interested and that is fine with us.

I do not have dates for the district trials yet, but it will be in May

We will be having holiday training as follows, I do not teach for less than 5 gymnasts.

Monday 25 March   08.00 – 10.00  for level 2

Tuesday 26 March   08.00 – 10.00 for level 3

Wednesday 27 March  08.00 – 10.00 for level 4 and up

Monday 1 April 08.00 – 10.00 for level 2 and 3 doing the Medal Mania

Medal Mania 06 April 2016:   Entry is R150.  Please I must enter and pay on the 18th of March. If I have not received the monies then I accept you do not want to attend.  They do not accept late entries

Cecilia Becker
Robyn Daniels
Carley Heynes
Cara Koeglenberg
Anja de Jager
Nika Pijl
Christi Kriel
Isabella de Beer
Dane Kietzmann
Megan Mackie
Tessa Meiring
Abigail Grobler
Annabel Smit
Kara Joubert
Julie Meiring
Zara fourie
Ingrid Fourie
Klara du Plessis
Ella Lategan
Dane Mostert
Lia Fernandes
Lindi de Villiers
Natalia Halbich
Fila Marie Lategan

Kind regards

Annette and team

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