Level 4 and up prize-giving and club competition

We ended the year with the final prize-giving and club competition for our level 4 and up’s. This was yet another enjoyable afternoon and our gymnasts had a lot of fun dressing up for the event. The gymnasts all looked amazing.

level 4

level 41

level 42


Team Legendary Ladies (Kyra King, Milan Nel, Isabella de Beer and Sara Wagner) won best team theme.


Team Kinetic confidence (Zani van Zyl, Jenna Simmonds and Philippa Louw) came second for team theme


Team Candy Girls (Abigail Grobler and Sybella Jordaan) came third for team theme


Winning costume: Salomie Rademeyer


Team trophy winners: Cadence Joos, Lise de Villiers, Salomie Rademeyer and Nina Joos


Second place team trophy: Isabella de Beer, Sara Wagner, Milan Nel and Kyra King

May you all have a fantastic break! See you back in 2019!

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