End of year club competition format

Coaches and gymnasts, 

We have an interesting new competition for the last term of the year. The skills you have to incorporate into your routines are which you will also be using next year. So if you were level 1 this year you will be level 2 for the competition. The 2 to 3pm class will be the new level 1 (unless they have already competed as level 1 this year). The coaches will make sure they understand the skills, but will leave it up the the gymnasts to put their routines together (of course the coaches will help). The only requirement is that the gymnast find a tune she likes for 1minute for her floor. The coaches will help put the floor together to make sense!!!!

You may wear any interesting gym wear and also some make up!!!

We will be working in teams and a team consists of 8 gymnasts any age but levels together. Over the 8 gymnasts each apparatus has to be done 4x. Eg. team is Mamre, Annette, Suzette, Jodie. Leone, Linda, Esme and Adele. Mamre elects to do Beam and vault, Annette does Floor and Beam, Suzette does beam and bar, Jodie does Bar and vault. ect

No scores will be shown only a flipcard showing gold, silver and bronze. The colours will be added and a medal of that colour awarded. The team with the highest amount of gold scores will receive a trophy each. 

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

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