Newsletter 3

Everyone please take note that the Kabouter class at 13.00 will now start at 13.15 till 14.00 due to school times.

The next class for the 6/7 year olds will start at 14.30 as on the previous newsletters.

The 7 year and older gymnasts will start at 15.00 till 17.00. The level 3 gymnasts of coach Mamre train until 17.30 on a Monday and Wednesday afternoon.

Level 4 and up gymnasts please note you must select 3 of the 4 days or all 4. You may not chop and change, your days are your days. Even if you miss a day you cannot make up in a day not chosen by you.

Level 1 and 2 gymnasts may do a extra class on a Thursday, but only if you are doing competition.

We do know that the school sport is also playing a role in taking the time for training and also the dancing, but please try and commit so we can achieve your best possible results. We do try and accommodate all requests and we as coach’s fraternity support the participation of a school sport but not to the detriment of your individual sport.

I do hope we can make it work for all.

Kind regards
Annette and team

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