Trampoline and Tumbling District Trial Results

Congratulations to all our gymnasts with their Trampoline and Tumbling District Trial results. All our gymnasts qualified for South Zone for either mini-trampoline or tumbling (or both). Well done, girls!


Mini-tramp level 1

Dane Kietzmann (3rd)
Salome Rademeyer (1st)
Mika du Plessis
Elrike Nel (2nd)
Milan Nel (3rd)
Georgia Pretorius
Anja Smit (1st)
Mari van Tonder
Odelia Krige (1st)
Lindi Lombard (2nd)
Marna Horn
Cadence Joos (1st)
Saskia Rohwer

Megan Mackie
Annabel Smit (3rd)
Anke Viljoen (2nd)
Zara Fourie
Nicole van der Westhuizen

Klara du Plessis
Isabella de Beer
Lila du Plessis
Leila Holtzhausen
Nina Joos
Monet du Toit
Phillipa Louw
Zani van Zyl

Mini-tramp level 2
Carys Dowd (2nd)

Nina Le Hanie
Lael Potgieter (2nd)

Tumbling level 1
Megan Mackie (2nd)
Annabel Smit (3rd)
Zara Fourie
Dane Kietzmann
Mika Du Plessis (3rd)
Saskia Rohwer (1st)

Anke Viljoen
Isabella De Beer
Lila Du Plessis
Mari Van Tonder
Georgia Pretorius
Leila Holtzhausen
Zani Van Zyl
Nicole Van Der Westhuizen

Klara Du Plessis

Tumbling level 2
Nina Joos (2nd)
Elrike Nel (3rd)
Odelia Krige
Anja Smit
Marna Horn (1st)
Cadence Joos (2nd)

Salome Rademeyer
Phillipa Louw
Lindi Lombard
Milan Nel

Complete results per district available at–tumbling.html

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