Newsletter 3

Whow, this term has started with a bang! We have hardly found our feet and the competitions are upon us. I hope you all had a pleasant and relaxing Easter holiday.

Maybe it is time for some clarifications so that you all understand the process of gymnastics better
1. Every competition has a entry/registration date which we HAVE to adhere too, they (WCGA) do not accept late entries or changes
2. Then once the entries are done I have to pay the amount they bill me for. So if a parent or gymnast decides they are going away or no longer want to compete, I forfeit the money
3. This entry date is a minimum of one month before the competition
4. Due to this early entry and that we only see the gymnasts 1 or 2 times a week we as coaches have to make a decision on which level we have to enter the gymnast, and if we are going to enter them. This unluckily cannot be changed even if the gymnast works extra hard to move up a level and they all want to do that!!!! Which obviously we as coaches greatly appreciate
5. And the next confusion is the levels. In school they have a level (grade) but it is not the same one for the gymnastics. You poor parents you have a lot to remember!
6. (a) for Artistic (WAG) and Rhythmic the age of the gymnast is 1 January
(b) for mini en Tumbling the age is of 31 December of the CURRENT year
7. We start with level 1 and we have divided the big class into level 1 – Coach Esme, Level 2 – Coach Bernice, level 3 – Coach Mamre, level 4 and up – Coach Leone. On Thursdays coach Mamre also helps with the level 4 and up I help wherever the Group is too big for one coach to manage. Then we have myself, coach Christell and Bernice for the 2 to 3pm groups and myself and coach Bernice for the little ones

8. The gymnast know what level they should be not what they hope to be.
9. For Tumbling and Mini except the older gymnasts everyone is doing level 1 for mini.
And for tumbling level 1 or 2 and then level 4 Now this is also were some controversy arose. When I have to do the entries, it is on what the gymnast can do when we test them, not their potential but what they presented on the day. After warm up they always do tumbling. And this is where we can see what they are capable of, and as there is also no time to practice after the Easter break, and if they have not yet mastered the moves on the day of entry I have to enter them into a easier section.
10. Please register or watch the website for all information, there is no excuse not to know, we put every notice onto the website.
11. I hope this clarifies and I wish you all a wonderful 2nd term

The coaching Team

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