Spectrum scores

The scores for the Spectrum trampoline and tumbling competition can be downloaded here:

Mini-Tramp (2) 28 May results

Mini-Tramp (1) 28 May results

Tumbling 28 May results

Spectrum Gymnastics has given the following feedback regarding the competition:

Hello everyone,

Attached please find the results from our competition.

While working through the results I came across a couple of errors which need to be explained because they affected the positions of the gymnasts:

(1)          In Tumbling ties are allowed but in Trampoline they are broken using a specific formula.  Where Tumbling ties occur the following position is vacant eg. if there is a tie for first place, then there is no second place, etc.

 (2)          Because Trampoline does not allow ties, there were two groups where this affected the medal winners, eg. where a tie for first place was announced one of them should have received a silver medal (according to the tie break rule) and the silver medal winner should have been awarded bronze.  We do not take medals back from gymnasts who were awarded the wrong ones but we will award a correct medal to a gymnast who did not receive one on the day of the competition due to a calculation error.  This gymnast is Marlene Burger from Wellington who should have been awarded a silver medal for Mini-Trampoline.

 I apologise for these inconsistencies  –  next year we will have a more sophisticated computer programme which should eliminate these problems.

 Thanks again for supporting our competition ! 

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