Medal Mania and Spectrum results

Congratulations to all our gymnasts that took part in the Wynland medal mania and the Spectrum Trampoline and tumbling competitions. We hope you enjoyed this test run before the district trials.

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Well done to the following gymnasts that won medals at the Spectrum Trampoline and tumbling competition on the 28th of May.



Zanie van Zyl (10 yr level 2)

Elrika Nel(8yr level2)

Marna Horn (11yr level3)

Lira Barnard(7yr level1)


Cadence Joos (10yr level 2)

Nina Joos (7yr level 1)

Sarah Otto (9yr level1)

Lael Potgieter(11yr level3)

Anja Smit (8yr level2)


Odelia Krige (9yr level 2)

Megan Uys (11yr level2)


Mini tramp


Anja Smit (8yr)


Lira Barnard (7yr)


Cadence Joos (10yr)

Nina Joos (7yr)

Lael Potgieter(11yr)

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Well done to all our gymnasts at the Wynland Medal Mania that took place on the 21st of May. Congratulations to Cadence Joos that was awarded the Queen of Apperatus for attaing the highst score for Level 2 beam and came 3rd overall Level 2 9yrs.

Gold medal group:

Cadence Joos (Lev 2 09 yrs)

Silver medal group:

Mika du Plessis Lev 1 07 yrs

Phillipa Louw Lev 1 08 yrs

Elricke Nel Lev 2 07&u

Lize de Villiers Lev 2 08 yrs

Odelia Krige Lev 2 08 yrs

Nina le Hanie Lev 2 08 yrs

Ivanna Skinner Lev 2 08 yrs

Anka Geldenhuys Lev 3 10&u

Ester Coetzee Lev 3 10&u

Bronze medal group:

Milan Nel Lev 1 07 yrs

Zani van Zyl Lev 1 09 yrs

Saskia Rohwer Lev 1 10&Over

Nina Joos Lev 2 07&u

Anja Smit Lev 2 07&u

Eden Potgieter Lev 2 08 yrs

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