News letter 3

The complete news letter, in both Afrikaans and English, with the competition dates can be downloaded here.

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all still enjoying your rest and having a Blessed Easter. We still have one week to go. Then it is back to hard work. So enjoy what is left of the holiday!

The importance of this newsletter is the date list attached. Please diarize the dates and let the schools know about the dates, so they can make alternative arrangements for the school sport.

The coaches will decide, which of the Artistic gymnasts are ready for the competition season. Unfortunately we have to start from the first competition. As competitions follow each other, but if they miss it and would like to participate only at inter-club level, that is also okay. We will give the information through to you and the final decision is yours. We only advise, but do not force anyone.

For those of you who are wondering about the levels……. The Artistic routines for the new cycle have changed – all is new. We, as coaches, have decided that we would keep the gymnasts in the same level as everything is different. The Rhythmic only changes next year, so the gymnasts are already busy with their training.

Remember that according to the Gymnastic Federation the level 1 – 3’s are all winners. They will all get a medal, the colour differs and is according to a colour cut off mark. We, as coaches, hope that the first medal is the inspiration to set the basis for the next competitions. Parents please remember that what your gymnast is achieving is with only training twice per week (some only once). Other clubs expect the gymnasts to train at least three times a week. The coaches will, when possible, help the gymnasts with extra classes. These are not compulsory, as we realize that these times can clash with other activities. We are only trying to help.

On the Date list there is extra classes on Saturdays, please try and attend these. We are also going to have extra classes on Tuesday evenings 5 – 7pm for small groups of competition gymnasts. This is payable on the day. We will send out a list of which gymnasts are on which Tuesday, as we want to work intensively with small groups for competitions.

We have not yet received the competition dates for inter-club competitions. As soon as these are available I will send it to you. These are always good for experience

Kind regards

Annette, Mamré, Esmé, Jolandi, Bernice, Christelle, Deone, Caroline and Cyla

komp kal 2

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