WAG news letter 4

Dear Parents of our artistic gymnasts,

I wanted to call a meeting, but time has been a problem. I would just like to take this opportunity to explain where we are and where we are heading.


What we do?: We do Artistic gymnastics (bar, bridge, board and floor), tumbling (which is part of artistic) and mini-trampoline (which is good preparation for gymnastics). SAGF (South African Gymnastics Federation) has 9 gymnastics disciplines: WAG (women’s artistic), MAG (men’s artistic), Rhythmic (ball, hoop, clubs, rope and ribbon), aerobics, acrobatics, rope skipping, gym for all, school gymnastics and TRA & TU (trampoline and tumbling).

We give our gymnasts the opportunity to participate in the main sport, WAG as well as TRA and TU. They can then get distinct and Western Cape colours in 2 disciplines.

1. In general the gymnasts in the 3-5pm class according to age are ready for competition. We teach them all the routines and see who wants to do competition and are ready. For this reason we have the club competition.

2. Beginning of this year we registered our gymnasts with SAGF as either competitive or non-competitive.

3. The preliminary competition dates can be found in news letter 3 or under our “2015 calender” tab. Our competition season starts now, with the first WAG district trial 19/20 June at the old Bellville collage in Kuilsriver (now the Sport school) for level 1-3.

4. The districts trials for TR & TUM is 24/25 July. Entries must be in by the 29th of June. I need to pay at time of entry. If I enter a gymnast and they withdraw I loose the money. I’m adding a list of all the competition gymnasts, please pay their R200 before 25 June if they are going to participate for the TRA & TU. If I don’t hear anything then I will NOT enrol them, as we pay double for late entries!!!

Our team thought that these gymnasts are ready for competition this year. Some other gymnasts only attend classes once a week and rounding them off is hard. Hopefully they can compete next year.

Level 1

Anja Smit

Elricke Nel

Zuni Barnard

Zahni Jooste

Zani van Zyl

Hane Cilliers

Kayla Louw

Vicky-lee Patterson

Level 2

Eden Potgieter

Odelia Krige

Nina le Hanie

Isabella Ueckermann

Francelle Cloete

Jean-Mari Landman

Ivanna Skinner

Meghan Uys

Nzole Yobi

Azevelo Bongwana

Level 3

Lune Engelbrecht

Ester Coetzee

Anka Geldenhuys

Marna Horn
NB: Please parents let me know if your child will be competing at the TR & TUM competition before 25 June.

I hope that this will clear things up for new parents. If not, feel free to contact me.

At this first competition the coaches will be with the gymnasts, but not at the Western Cape trails and South Zone (where all the different zones from the south compete.

The program for the WAG districts trials can be downloaded here: Level 1 – 3 District WAG programme

For our gymnasts that won’t be competing at the big competitions we do have another club competition later this year where they will receive their medals.

Final note:

Gymnasts have to take part at the districts trials to take part at the Western Cape trials. We can not skip a competition. It is thus very important that you diarise the dates. For level 1 – 3, SAGF believes that all are winners and thus every gymnast receives a medal (the colour just differ)

Wishes for a successful competition season to you all.

Kind regards

Coaches Annette, Esme, Mamre and Jolandi


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