Rhythmic Practice Session

Here are just a few of the photos taken of our gymnasts working hard during one of the rhythmic practice sessions. If you would like to see more visit the van der Stel Rhythmic Gymnastics facebook page

19103_10152891619409164_4505875443739050177_n11102664_10152891639939164_8828787319495975382_n11088332_10152891638654164_5036323773027519362_n 10702089_10152891635709164_8075073187467808540_n18685_10152891636479164_8970350315115383234_n 1506462_10152891634499164_4189902167338059896_n 14695_10152891631849164_6314351937390508122_n 11062327_10152891621314164_504655444975833785_n 10426330_10152891618294164_4265126786070664133_n 11019839_10152891618099164_6673058762685502169_n 11096546_10152891617619164_5171991380794227261_n 11075136_10152891617379164_3836493781786153270_n 11075139_10152891616964164_571329135845943044_n 20922_10152891616824164_2557217552975099444_n 10985452_10152891616354164_8849887937779133646_n

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